All Day Breakfast Menu


BIG BREAKFAST – Free range farm fresh eggs, premium bacon rashes, hash brown, grilled roma tomato, sautéed mushrooms, wilted spinach and beef sausage. Served with toasted sourdough.

MEDITERRANEAN BREAKFAST – Free range farm eggs, grilled Turkish sujuk, labneh, olives, zahtar dip, fresh Roma tomatoes, fresh cucumbers. Served with your choice of Lebanese or pita bread.

EGGS BENEDICT – Two poached free range eggs on English muffins, with your choice of smoked salmon, ham, bacon, Turkish sujuk, grilled asparagus, wilted spinach all topped with our house made hollandaise sauce.

FULLY SICK TOASTIE – Pan fried brioche bread, American cheese, fried egg, hash brown, grilled haloumi & BBQ sauce.

OMELETTE – Spinach, feta & olives, served with butter on toasted sourdough.

ACAI BOWL – Amazon power acai berry, blended with banana & coconut water. Topped with banana, seasonal fresh berries, amazon power granola blend chia seeds, coconut flakes, toasted almonds, honey, finished with passionfruit. (Option: organic peanut butter is extra.)

SMASHED AVO – Smashed avocados on toasted sourdough, creamy crumbled feta, cherry tomatoes, two soft poached eggs, beetroot hommus, lemon wedge, drizzled with balsamic glaze.

EGGS ON TOAST – Free range eggs, poached, scrambled or fried with butter served on toasted sourdough.

BACON & EGG ROLL – Fried free range egg with premium Zammit bacon rashes on brioche bun.

TURKISH SUJUK & EGG ROLL – Fried free range egg with grilled Turkish sujuk, fresh tomato on a brioche bun.

HOUSE made PANCAKES – Two stack fluffy house made pancake mix. Served with blueberries, strawberries, maple syrup & fresh house made vanilla whipped cream.

CLASSIC FRENCH TOAST WITH A TWIST – Brioche bread soaked in vanilla bean, cinnamon & egg mix, pan fried and topped with fresh berries, maple syrup and vanilla bean ice cream.

KNAFEH FRENCH TOAST – Crumbed knafeh with sweet cheese & custard filling, topped with crushed pistachios, rose water syrup & topped with vanilla ice cream.

TOAST WITH SPREAD – Strawberry jam, Nutella, Biscoff, Vegemite or butter.

RAISIN TOAST – Toasted and served with butter.

CROISSANT – Fillings additional, see add ons for more options.


  • Tasty cheese, gluten free bread, sourdough, sliced bread, eggs, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, hash brown.
  • Avocado, haloumi cheese, bacon, ham, mushroom, salmon.
  • Sauces and butter.